Thursday, July 10, 2014

Influence of Mobile Phone Users in Online E-Commerce Industry in India

Online e-commerce retail industry have recently recorded a boom in their sale, and most of them claim that a major portion of sale came through mobile phone users. Most e-commerce websites are designing their websites in such a manner so that which could be easily accessed by mobile phone devices. The use of smartphones have changed the entire online buying scenario.More and more people have started using mobile phones with 24*7 hrs internet connectivity, which means people have access to internet round the year. The Expected increase in smartphone users in india according to research has been:
The the number of online shoppers who would be buying through e-commerce website is about to increase by large amount and will be influencing the entire e-commerce scenario. Thus all major e-commerce web portals in india are providing apps to their smartphone users so that they can easily buy  online from their online stores.A comparison of reach of online retail shops to mobile phone users has been conducted and results were found

So coming few years will be beneficial for online e-commerce websites, with their target being all major smartphone users.